the ocs i draw the most are darby and mallory. darby is an alien and mallory is her weird guy.

you will be hearing a lot about these two so i will try to be brief.

darby allsorts

  • age: ???
  • disposition: agender (she/her), panromantic demisexual
  • roles: middle, pet, hotwife (submissive, bottom)
  • talent: electrokinesis
  • cardinal sin: gluttony
  • trauma response: fight
  • love language: physical touch
  • temperament: shetland sheepdog
  • kinks: you monster. you sick fuck
  • character item: lollipop 🍭

mallory alden

  • age: early to mid 30's
  • disposition: cisgender male (he/him), heteroflexible
  • roles: caregiver, daddy dom, bull (dominant, fixed top)
  • talent: the sixth sense
  • cardinal sin: pride
  • trauma response: flight
  • love language: quality time
  • temperament: doberman pinscher
  • kinks: body worship, toys, pet play
  • character item: shirt and tie 👔

there are some other characters but this is all you really need to know for now.